Dynasty Gold Jewelers, Inc

Dear Customer,
Ottoman Silver Collection has been selling through retail outlets in Europe for over 10 years. We are very excited to reach you directly here with one of the most beautiful silver jewelry collections in the world.
We are one of the most successful jewelry companies out of Turkey here in the United States. Among our selling points in Italy, we have been selling our collection for 10 consecutive years. We have and or are still selling in Canada, Germany, England, and France as well. Ottoman Silver Collection has sold in tens of thousands of units and received thousands of 5-Star Reviews. Our excellent quality has been admired by buyers all over the world and for many years.
This is our first attempt to reach out to the art-loving lady, YOU, directly at this level.
If this is your kind of jewelry it is quite likely you have already purchased one of the more than half-million pieces that we have sold on TV Marketing Channels, their internet sites, Department Stores, and eBay.
If you were contacted directly by us and that is what brought you to our website, it is most likely we have your e-mail address because you have purchased our products directly from us. We have been selling mostly our samples on eBay at our store called Anatolian Silver since 2008. And you maybe one of the more than 5 thousand buyers who have purchased from us before.
We will stand behind every product you buy. If for any reason you don’t like what you receive you can return it. Our purpose is to exceed all the expectations you have from an online jewelry company.
We hope that we become and stay for many years your preferred source of ARTISTIC/Artisan Crafted silver jewelry.
Please also look at our Etsy marketplace Artisan Crafted Silver Collection, enjoy and make use of the 15% discount we are giving you for a special holiday discount.
Thank you for reading this.